Last trip in Ireland / Dernier voyage en Irlande

My departure day will be on the 4th of November, first stop will be Paris, but before leaving Ireland I got some visitors. My sisters came in an attempt to see some whales in the South. It is the ideal time of the year, except for the weather: because of strong winds, we could notContinue reading “Last trip in Ireland / Dernier voyage en Irlande”


The end of my Irish life / La fin de ma vie irlandaise

October 2015: after living ten years in Dublin, I am now ready to give my beloved apartment back and leave Ireland. Temporarily or not? God only knows… Whatever the future will be, I will always keep Ireland in my heart, for its inhabitants, its pubs, its landscapes, its music… Ireland gave me the opportunity toContinue reading “The end of my Irish life / La fin de ma vie irlandaise”