Etretat, Normandie

11/11/2015: back in France, I am now visiting Delphine, Maxime and their children who live in Le Havre, in Normandy region. They offered me to go to Etretat for the day, a few kilometres away from Le Havre. After having a delicious lunch in a restaurant with a panoramic view on the beach, we hadContinue reading “Etretat, Normandie”

Versailles (FR) & Liège (BE)

06/11/2015: after Paris, the plan is to have a relaxing day in Versailles, where Nico lives. I woke up late and left his place around lunchtime, looking for a nice place to eat before heading to the Palace of Versailles, former royal residence of a few French kings (before we started cutting their heads off).Continue reading “Versailles (FR) & Liège (BE)”

Paris, here I come! / Paris, j’arrive!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…” Lao Tzu 04/11/2015: the first step of my trip will be in Paris and Versailles to visit my childhood friend Nico B. As he is working during the day, I am using my free time to do some sightseeing in my hometown (yes IContinue reading “Paris, here I come! / Paris, j’arrive!”